Serenity Journal

At Sanaa's Stars, we understand the therapeutic benefits of journaling for children healing from the trauma of sexual abuse. Our "Serenity Journal" is a personal space for children to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions through writing or drawing. This journal can serve as a creative outlet, providing a sense of relief, empowerment and healing for all children to process their experiences and begin to move forward in their healing journey.

Providing a Safe Haven to Support Children Healing

Sanaa Star's Serenity Journal is a remarkable and adaptable tool designed to support parents and guardians in fostering healing for all children. This journal serves as a secure and non-judgmental space where young victims can freely unleash their thoughts, experiences, feelings, and emotions. Unburdening their hearts in this manner is a proven and potent approach in child sexual abuse treatment, enabling children to heal more swiftly and embrace a brighter future, unshackled from the weight of their past. Help us fight abuse with our serenity journal today and pave way for a brighter future for your loved ones!