Child Abuse / Substance Abuse

At Sanaa's Stars, we understand the devastating effects of child sexual abuse and the potential risk of substance abuse as a coping mechanism for victims. We believe that every child has the right to a safe and healthy environment, free from all forms of abuse.

Child sexual abuse can have long-lasting impacts on a child's mental, emotional, and physical health, leading to negative coping mechanisms such as substance abuse. We provide a safe space for children to heal and recover, with specialized programs designed to address the trauma and the risk of addiction.

Through education, counseling, and support, we aim to empower children to overcome the challenges they face and build resilience. We also provide resources and advocacy for families and communities to prevent child sexual abuse and promote healthy relationships.

At Sanaa's Stars, we are committed to creating a brighter future for all children impacted by sexual abuse and substance abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse